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What is a Notary?

What is a notary?

A Notary is a person who is licensed to perform notarial acts on important documents that require certification. To put it simply when a document needs to be notarized the notary makes sure the person is who they say they are. A notary is an impartial witness and prevents fraud.

Should You Use A Notary?

If you have any document that is an agreement between two or more parties or feel like you just your word won’t hold up in court then a Notary is absolutely necessary. There are a number of official documents that require a notarized signature. Only a Notary can perform this service. The Notary witnesses your signature and verifies that s/he confirmed your identity and that you were the person who signed the document.

What does a Notary act do?

 Notarization protects against fraud.  A notarized signature proves the signer appeared before the notary public because the signer must be in the physical presence of the notary before the notary may lawfully notarize the document.  The notary also certifies that a signature is made willingly and freely.  However, a notarization does not prove a document

What Does a Notary signing consist of?

As a mobile notary, I will come to you and verify that you are who you say you are. ill look over the documents to make sure they are complete and there are no blanks left for future changes. Then ill perform the notarial act, sign, and stamp. ill take note in my journal and that’s all! if you have a document you need notarized please feel free to reach out!


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