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How To Get A Passport Notarized In Vancouver, Wa

Steps To Notarize A Passport In Vancouver, WA

Getting a passport notarized is a very simple process. You will want to prepare the documents that you need before reaching out to a notary because they will check everything is in order before they perform a proper notarization. having a notarized passport is a must for verifying that it is verified and legally binding.

  1. Print, type or write a copy of a sworn statement declaring that the attached passport is a legal and true document. DO NOT COMPLETE THE DOCUMENT. you will need to do this in front of the notary for verification purposes.
  2. Call a local notary and bring a valid ID as well as a second form of ID that has your name on it. If you are in the Vancouver area then Notary To Go is a great choice for the most convenient and cost-effective option.

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3. Fill in the required information with the notary present. Once the notary has read over and verified your ID and passport they will complete the notarial act. Both parties will sign the document verifying that the information is true and the notary will stamp the document verifying it as a legal document

4. Now mail your certified copy of your passport to the department of state and you are all set!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Notary To Go and ill be happy to help!

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