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Frequently Asked Notary Questions

This post is going to go over the questions that I get asked the most often. As a Notary in Vancouver, WA I find that many people have never used a Notary before or ever even heard of one. To make it simple a Notary’s job is to make sure you are who you say you are when signing legal documents. If you want to learn more I have a whole article written on how a notary can help you. Now let’s clear up some common questions.

  1. What Is An Acceptable Form Of I.D.?

There is an incredible amount of I.D.s out there. When I’m notarizing I’m looking for one I.D. that has your name on it and one I.D. that has your name and a picture such as a state-issued Driver’s License.

2. Can A Notary, Notarize This Document?

It is not up to me whether or not I can notarize the document. Unfortunately, you will have to do the research because it is against the law for me to give you legal advice. My job is to properly perform notarial acts. I’m not a Lawyer.

3. Does My Client Or Do I Need To Be There?

Absolutely, I have to physically see the person and check to make sure they are signing under their own free will. This means that I can’t accept a signature that was signed before I arrive.

4. Do I Have To Travel Anywhere?

No! With Notary To Go I travel to you. You let me know when and where you need me and ill be there. Going to a Notary office is a pain and sometimes just doesn’t fit in the schedule. I can meet you anywhere on the fly!