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Can A Document Be Notarized If I Have Covid?

It seems like the world is moving past Covid but as someone who is in the hospital at least twice a week for Notarizations I can tell you first hand that we are still battling Covid. If you or someone you know has Covid and you have a document that needs to be Notarized then Notary To Go is the right choice. Our team is fully vaccinated and will follow any guidelines that the medical center requires visitors to follow.

in a Situation that involves Covid Going to a notary office is off of the table. You will have to wait until you are cleared to be able to head to the office and sometimes waiting just Isn’t an option. Thats why you need a traveling Notary to come to you! If you Have a document that needs notarized please don’t hesitate to reach out and have it notarized today. We will be happy to help! Thank you for reading and have a great day!