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Can A Notary Give Legal Advice

When I’m at a Notary appointment, the most common phrase that I say is letting the client know that I’m not allowed to give legal advice. This means that I can not tell you whether or not you should sign the document, I can’t tell you if it’s a legally binding document, and I can’t tell you if this document is written properly. I can’t do it because that would put my word against an attorney, and that is not a battle that would like to start.

Another common occurrence that I run into is someone who has a handwritten will that needs notarized and they ask me if this will hold up in court. There is no way for me to know if that Document will hold up in court because there are so many variables behind the scene. This is why I will not give out legal advice because this will put me in a position of having to go and give a statement in the court for giving legal advice.

lastly, if I give out legal advice and get reported for false information then I will most definitely lose my commission and will no longer be able to serve the public. Please do not ask a Notary for legal advice because it will put them in an awkward position of wanting to help but not being able to. thank you for reading and reach out if you have any questions!