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Where Can A Mobile Notary Go?

The better question to ask would be where can a mobile Notary not go? Jokes aside there really isn’t a place in Vancouver, WA that I haven’t been. Frequent trips to the hospital, countless clients homes, homes being built, farms, clients jobs, and even the Clark County Jail. Notary To Go prides itself on being able to accommodate any and all situations that you might run into.

The most common place that I go is to a Clients home or outside of their home. This is almost always the most convenient place for my clients to meet according to them and it makes it very easy for me to find them. if meeting at your home isn’t something you would like to do then we can meet at the nearest Starbucks or Walmart parking lot. I’ve done more Notarizations in parking lots than I could have ever imagined. 

The most interesting place that I have been is the Clark County Jail. I met with an attorney outside of the jail and we went in, filled out some paper work and went to see her client inside of the jail. One of my favorite parts of being a Mobile Notary is all of the cool and interesting places that I see. Going into the jail was very high on the list as the most interesting places but also a place that I would not like to go involuntarily. 

Thank you for reading my article and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and id be happy to help!